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Taylor wilson

About the work

Taylor Wilson's work is vibrant and expressive. Often, her work begins with abstract, intuitive movements based on energy.

Her nature based, feminine subjects are an expression of her connection to the natural world and the feeling of self discovery, freedom, and optimism it brings her. This connection to nature stems from the beauty hiding within natures brutal will to survive.

She works to promote biodiversity within a world where humanity has been destructing the once flourishing ecosystems. A vast interest in biology has her inspired by the way an ecosystem functions as a whole. Each insect, plant, fungi, and every other organism has an equally important role in a beautifully functioning world within a world.

Her personal journey as a feminine being has fueled her creative energy which has since transformed into a personal need to create. 


Taylor Wilson is an artist and muralist living in San Diego, California. She recently graduated from San Diego State University's School of Art and Design as a Painting and Printmaking major. Since then, she has started her own business working as a full time artist.

Trained to work with oil paint, she continues her practice and has since introduced other mixed media elements such as plaster, gold leaf, and wire to create thick textures inspired by observations in nature.


Instagram @twilson_creative


To check availability on purchasing a piece, request a commissioned painting or mural, or for any questions, contact me!

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